Dillon Bates In Depth

LB Dillon Bates

One of the most heavily recruited players regardless of position in the Sunshine state is standout linebacker Dillon Bates. Bates is no stranger to big time football as it runs in his blood. His father played at the University of Tennessee and in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys.

Dillon Bates checks in from Ponte Vedra (FL) high school at 6'3 and 230-pounds. The premier outside linebacker for numerous teams in 2014 holds offers from Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, UCLA, Florida State, Miami and North Carolina to name a few. Bates went in depth about recruiting and more with Scout.com earlier today.

"I am heading to Florida this weekend but not sure yet after that. Most of them are going to be in spring so I can see a practice. I'm looking forward to spending time with the coaches and staff at Florida and having a more in depth look at the campus and the facilities. Strengths of my game are my speed and my violence also my IQ for the game. Being able to bring what is taught on the white board to the field is big. Also being able to play side line to sideline and football is a violent game so there is no time to be less than that. Weakness, there are always things that I can improve on whether it is fundamentals or more complex coverage's or run reads I go into every practice, workout, or meeting trying to get everything I can out of it and never taking a rep or play off and that's what can separate me from the good players and make me not just good but great."

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