Scout's Take: OL Sam Mustipher

Sam Mustipher takes an in-depth look at what Notre Dame is getting in recent offensive lineman commit Sam Mustipher of Olney (Md.) Our Lady of Good Counsel High.

For the second straight recruiting class, Notre Dame landed the No. 2 offensive guard when Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) standout Sam Mustipher committed Monday.

Mustipher, who is 6-foot-3, 285 pounds, plays left tackle for the Falcons, was recruited to play on the interior of the offensive line at Notre Dame. He will enter as a guard, but could also play center because of his high football IQ and quickness.

So, what exactly are the Irish getting in Mustipher?

In providing a detailed scouting report on Mustipher, is using several in-person evaluations from games and camps as well as his junior highlight tape.

What to like
There is plenty to get excited about, and it begins with Mustipher's intelligence. He is smart in the classroom, and smart on the football field. Being on the sideline for a few of his games, it was easy to see he picks up tweaks to his technique and the blocking scheme quickly when coaches relay information.

When it comes to his play on the field, Mustipher fires out well on most plays he stays low and once he engages a defensive player, his feet keep moving and he drives the player backward. He has good footwork and is rarely off balance, and even when he gets out of position, he is able to move his feet quickly and get back in position.

Mutispher blocks down hill and is physical, and finishes his block well.

In looking at specific plays, the first one to check out is at the 30 second mark (of the highlights below). Mustipher explodes well (quick twitch), gets under the defensive player for leverage, engages him and drives his legs. It is complete domination.

Moving to the 2:32 mark, Mustipher shows his ability to get to the second level quickly, locate the linebacker, square his body and deliver a lethal block. Again, he is technically sound.

Mustipher's agility shows at the 2:50 mark when, as the left tackle, the play is run to the left. He needs to get out quickly and engage the defensive end to clear the corner, and he is able to do it by sliding his feet. For a player his size, it is a very impressive play.

Finally, moving to the 4:14 mark, Mustipher shows his ability as a pass blocker. He moves his feet well and keeps the pass rusher in front of him and is in control easily.

What needs work
There are several players were Mustipher doesn't explode and he lets the defensive player get on him, but he is able to make the block because of his athleticism and length.

Also, playing tackle doesn't afford Mustipher the opportunity to pull (it's not in the offense), so he will have to master that aspect of playing guard. Strength is also an issue, but when isn't it for a high school player heading to Division I football.

In summation
Mustipher is a technically sound high school offensive lineman who plays with leverage and a very good leg drive. His ability to pick things up quickly should accelerate his growth at Notre Dame. He is 6-3, but he has long arms and quick feet, so it will help offset being at the bottom end of the height index for most Notre Dame linemen.

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