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Hilliard Set for Big Season

Cedric Hilliard (Photo: Chesteronlep)

<P>In the next issue of Irish Eyes magazine, I predicted Cedric Hilliard would be the team defensive M.V.P. in 2003. I picked Hilliard when others like Courtney Watson, Vontez Duff or Justin Tuck will likely get most of the headlines this fall. I picked Hilliard for one reason and one reason only. Any man that can fight two men at the same time has to be your M.V.P. It's a dirty job and Hilliard is just the man to do it. </P>

Cedric Hilliard has always been a pretty quiet person when being interviewed. He isn't quiet on the field however and that is great news for Irish fans. Hilliard developed into a top-shelf nose guard last year and when injured last year, his absence was certainly felt. Hilliard is hoping to parlay a healthy and productive season into NFL riches in 2003 and Irish fans hope he signs a fat check... Recommended Stories