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Byrd Placing Recruiting on Hold

Byrd Placing Recruiting on Hold

Sugarland, TX is home to Tyrone Byrd. The 6-6, 270-pound offensive lineman has kicked off his season with a loss--something he wasn't too happy about. Byrd says he's been receiving a lot of calls from college coaches but he's trying to focus on his final season.

Tyrone Byrd says his final season for Hightower high school didn't start like he had hoped. "We lost," Byrd said. "We played really bad. We had a lot of mental mistakes that hurt us. The game got delayed for a while and it's hard to keep everyone focused. I'd give myself a low B or a high C for a grade. I do O.K. but I know I can play better than that. We just didn't... Recommended Stories

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