Palmer Back From Notre Dame Visit

Ronnie Palmer

Houston linebacker Ronnie Palmer has returned from his official visit to Notre Dame. Was he impressed with Notre Dame? What are his plans for a decision?

Ronnie Palmer is back from his visit to Notre Dame. "It was great," said Palmer. "I liked the coaches and the facilities. I had fun."

We asked Palmer how he felt he fit in at Notre Dame. "I felt I fit in. It was OK, everything was decent, no complaints."

Was asked him to rate his visit on a 1-10 scale. "I'd say it was an eight or a nine."

What did he rate the Arizona visit? "I'd say that was a nine."

Is Palmer leaning towards Arizona right now? "I'd say maybe a little bit. Probably a little bit, I'm not sure."

A decision could be coming shortly. "I will probably decide before the week is over with. I don't think I'll take my other visits. I'll decide between Arizona and Notre Dame. Coach Willingham is coming by on Thursday. The Arizona coaches came by today. I should know before the week is over."

Comments: It's not looking promising for the Irish. It appears Arizona has the slight lead. Coach Willingham has the final say, but we're not sure it will make a difference. We'll have to wait and find out." Recommended Stories