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ND Tosses Its Name Into The Hat

Loston met Charlie Weis on Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, Notre Dame assistant coach Mike Haywood made the trip down to Eisenhower High in Houston, Texas to check out class of 2009 safety Craig Loston. Haywood told the 6-foot-3, 210-pound top-100 prospect that he would have something for him when he came back.

Haywood made a return trip to the school on Wednesday afternoon. "He brought Charlie Weis with him," Craig Loston said. Haywood also brought something else. "He gave me an envelope," Loston began. "He said flip it over. I did and it said football scholarship. I started smiling, gave him a handshake and a little hug. Then I went back to class." Loston couldn't remember all of his written... Recommended Stories

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