Notre Dame Signing Day Capsules

Christian Lombard brings you the rankings, ratings, photos, and video of the Notre Dame signing class of 2010.

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S | 6-1 / 192
Timpview (UT)
Pos Rank: 28
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 6/29/09
Committed Over: California, Florida State, LSU, Oregon, Stanford, Utah
Scouting Report: Badger is a sure tackler from his free safety spot and is real physical at the point of attack. He takes good pursuit angles and has a good nose for the ball. In pass coverage, he has good ball skills and can turn and run fairly well. His change of direction skills and speed is something he'll need to improve on, which is why he is probably better suited to play strong safety at the next level - Sonny Shipp
CB | 6-10 / 175
Cape Coral (FL)
Pos Rank: 60
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 10/17/09
Committed Over: Georgia, Miami (Fl), Michigan, Mississippi, Stanford, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Boyd is a RB by trade, but has played plenty of DB. He has terrific instincts, this is a player who is always around the football. He will step up and deliver some pop against the run. Boyd possesses excellent feet. He is more quick than fast. Boyd can get physical at the line of scrimmage with excellent core strength. He has shown a knack for making plays on the ball. -Geoff Vogt
S | 6-0 / 180
Highlands (KY)
Pos Rank: 99
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 12/18/09
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Harvard, Kentucky, Louisville, Oregon, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA, Vanderbilt
Scouting Report: Collinsworth may not wow you with combine numbers but his overall play on both sides of the ball puts him in some good company. While many would like to see more straight line speed. Projected as a safety, Collinsworth has quick feet and is able to beat guys off the line and could be a slot receiver in the right offense that could be a big surprise.--Dave Berk/Midwest Recruiting Analyst
DE | 6-4 / 230
Mount Dora (FL)
Pos Rank: 199
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 1/31/09
QB | 6-3 / 220
Moeller (OH)
Pos Rank: 29
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 6/25/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Miami (Fl), Ohio State, Virginia
Scouting Report: Big, well built kid with good size for the position. Has a good arm and passes come out of his hand with good velocity. He also can get the ball downfield and make throws on the run. However, he needs to be more consistent with his accuracy. Working with his mechanics at the next level will help that. He also will need to limit turnovers. - Allen Trieu
WR | 6-1 / 170
Raritan (NJ)
Pos Rank: 51
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 6/6/09
Committed Over: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Rutgers
Scouting Report: One of the most slippery and elusive offensive players in the region when he has the ball in his hands. It would be hard to find someone who gets more yards after the catch than he does. He will be a solid wide receiver and likely slot man who will catch the short passes in traffic and turn them into long gains. He also excels at running counters and reverses. He has the potential to also be a fine return man at the next level. Bob Lichtenfels
OT | 7-7 / 260
St. Xavier (OH)
Pos Rank: 11
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 2/3/10
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Duke, Florida, Ohio State, Stanford, Tennessee
Scouting Report: In a different year James is the top offensive lineman in Ohio, but this year Ohio has a nice group and James comes in second. Great physical size James has shown his toughness playing through pain as a junior. He also does a great job drive blocking and in pass protection against a high level of competition. While he's got good bend continued work in flexibility is needed. Needs to stay injury free. - Midwest Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk
WR | 6-0 / 183
Gainesville (GA)
Scout300: 138
Pos Rank: 21
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 10/18/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio State, Stanford, UCLA
Scouting Report: Jones does a lot of things well at wide receiver. He snatches the ball out of the air and brings it into his body as well as anyone does in the South. He has a great first step that allows it hard to jam him at the line and he makes great adjustments on poorly thrown balls. He has gained some weight and gotten stronger, but he can still get bigger to become a better overall wideout. - Chad Simmons - South Region Analyst
OG | 6-5 / 280
Wm Fremd (IL)
Pos Rank: 2
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 1/3/09
Committed Over: Arizona, Duke, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Stanford
Scouting Report: A good athlete who shows really good balance and coordination. Does an excellent job of taking on initial man, re-directing and getting into the second level while keeping his feet. As a run blocker, he is tenacious and finishes off his blocks. He has good strength, but does tend to play a little high. Is a smart, coachable kid with good work ethic.
QB | 6-4 / 175
St. Xavier (OH)
Pos Rank: 74
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 7/2/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Wisconsin
MLB | 6-3 / 231
Southeast Raleigh (NC)
Pos Rank: 18
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 7/11/09
Committed Over: Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, South Carolina
Scouting Report: Very athletic jumbo athlete who is best in a confined area, especially inside the box, where he can use his quick burst to close and attack the ball carrier. Very thick defender both in his upper body and lower body, though there is a lot of room to grow especially in his shoulders and arms. Flows well with the ball between the tackles and has enough bulk to take on any offensive lineman inside but best when attacking the gap. - Miller Safrit
OT | 7-7 / 240
Ryle (KY)
Pos Rank: 70
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 1/16/10
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Stanford, Western Kentucky
Scouting Report: A high school tight end who proved to be a dominant run blocker at that spot. Has a good frame and an already solid build. He needs to add weight, but is already a naturally strong kid who blocks to the whistle and drives his man off the line. He will need to learn pass blocking and the footwork that goes along with playing tackle, but he has the requisite tools to succeed there. - Allen Trieu
DT | 6-3 / 315
William M. Raines (FL)
Scout300: 102
Pos Rank: 9
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 12/1/09
Committed Over: Florida, Florida State, Illinois, LSU, Miami (Fl), Mississippi, North Carolina State
Scouting Report: Good interior DL are hard to find and Nix is definitely one of them. He has a tremendous blend of size, strength, and quickness. He's able to bull rush people with success because of his size/strength and he's able to use a variety of moves to rush the passer. He dominates the competition in Jacksonville and might be the No. 1 player in the state for the 2010 class.
QB | 6-3 / 192
Lake Forest (IL)
Pos Rank: 64
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 7/7/09
Committed Over: Miami (Oh), Northern Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Rees is an air-raid spread quarterback that is consistently in the shot-gun and consistently putting the ball in the air with a lot of short crossing routes. He has very good touch and accuracy underneath. He has enough arm strength to keep a defense honest, but not the type of arm that scares a corner on the out route on the opposite hash mark. A solid system quarterback who makes solid reads and throws a catchable ball. Scott Kennedy,
QB | 6-2 / 221
Waverly (OH)
Pos Rank: 102
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 1/31/09
Committed Over: Ball State, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Marshall, Miami (Oh), Ohio, Toledo
FB | 6-1 / 215
Newbury Park (CA)
Pos Rank: 2
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 9/6/09
Committed Over: Arizona, BYU, Northwestern, UCLA, Washington, Wyoming
OLB | 6-2 / 225
Ardrey Kell (NC)
Pos Rank: 42
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 8/4/09
Committed Over: Duke, Miami (Fl), North Carolina, North Carolina State, Stanford, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Shembo definitely was bigger in person than he looked on film. He looked to be a solid 240 pounds with great balance from head to toe. He has a great foundation to play on and he held his ground against the run while working at both outside linebacker and defensive end. He is a little stiff and more of a north-south guy, so he looks best fit for a defensive end spot on the next level. - Chad Simmons
MLB | 6-2 / 230
Columbine (CO)
Pos Rank: 14
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 2/1/10
Committed Over: Arizona State, Colorado, Duke, Stanford, TCU, Wyoming
Scouting Report: Spond is an intriguing prospect. At 6-3 230, he has the size to line up anywhere from QB, FB, LB, S or even DE or H-back but plays QB on offense on a team that doesn't throw the ball much. Plays linebacker on defense which could end up being his spot in college. Has great size and can really run for a kid this big. Closes on the ball well and will tackle with authority.
WR | 6-4 / 205
Clay (IN)
Pos Rank: 53
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 1/26/09
Committed Over: Central Michigan, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Purdue
Scouting Report: A big receiver with the feet and quickness of a much smaller player, Smith elevates well in traffic, making it nearly impossible for a smaller defensive back to defend him on a jump ball. A terrific red-zone weapon, Smith is a long strider that will outrun most defenders if he gets into the open field. So physically gifted that he hasn't always had to run precise routes on the high school level. Scott Kennedy,
DE | 6-1 / 235
Lakewood (CA)
Pos Rank: 50
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 7/6/09
Committed Over: Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington
TE | 6-5 / 225
Elder (OH)
Scout300: 111
Pos Rank: 4
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 5/25/09
Committed Over: Florida State, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Welch is a pro-type tight end capable of blocking on the line and coming off and making the catch. Does a great job of getting yards after the catch for a tight end and is tough and physical. The biggest question mark at this time is his durability and overall speed. Will play through pain and is battle tested from playing high level competition. Midwest Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk
CB | 6-11 / 176
Apopka Senior (FL)
Pos Rank: 47
Committed to: NOTRE DAME
Commit Date: 6/26/09
Committed Over: Georgia Tech, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina State, Stanford, UCF
Scouting Report: Wood developed into a major corner prospect early in his career when at Dr. Phillips High. He transferred to Apopka and continued his success. He understands the game very well, has good speed, and has good instincts. He doesn't make a whole lot of plays in the secondary, though, and will need to become a more consistent tackler at the next level. -- Mike Bakas Recommended Stories